Sci-Fi Utilities Set 28mm Scale

This scenery set includes the following items:

1 x Comms Tower (w129 x d61.38 x h185.37 mm)
1 x Solar Array Size (w177.62 x d183.08 x h144.03 mm)
1 x Oxygen Pump Size (w82 x d127 x 91 mm)
1 x Power Generator Size (w138 x d152 x h70 mm)


In stock

In stock


Elevate Your Tabletop Games with the Sci-Fi Utilities Set

Immerse yourself in the futuristic realms of your tabletop adventures with our meticulously crafted Sci-Fi Utilities Set. This versatile collection of scatter terrain provides a captivating backdrop for your thrilling battles and immersive role-playing sessions.

Crafted in durable resin, each piece is designed to withstand the rigors of tabletop gaming. The included Comms Tower, with its elegant design and impressive height of 185.37 mm, serves as a vital communication hub within your futuristic setting.

The sleek Solar Array, measuring 177.62 mm in width and 183.08 mm in depth, harnesses solar energy to power your operations on the tabletop. The compact Oxygen Pump, with its dimensions of 82 mm in width, 127 mm in depth, and 91 mm in height, ensures a steady supply of breathable air in the most hazardous environments.

Finally, the compact Power Generator, measuring 138 mm in width and 152 mm in depth, provides reliable power to your technological advancements and defenses. This set arrives unpainted, allowing you to customize it to match your unique vision and color scheme.

Whether you’re a seasoned wargamer or an imaginative role-player, the Sci-Fi Utilities Set offers endless possibilities for creating unforgettable gaming experiences. Add this must-have set to your collection today and ignite your tabletop battles with futuristic flair.

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