Orc Watchtower (2-Level) | Stackable, Ladder, 28/32mm | D&D, Warhammer Terrain

Bring the untamed spirit of Orcish life to your tabletop! Designed meticulously for 28/32mm wargames and RPGs, this 4-piece Orc Camp Set transforms your battlefields and campaign maps into gritty enclaves worthy of a fearsome horde. Imagine the clashes outside the battle-scarred cabin, strategizing beneath the imposing banner, or your greenskinned heroes grunting tales around the crackling campfire… with this unpainted set, those iconic scenes become vividly real.


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In stock


Secure Your Orc Camp with the Strategic Two-Level Watchtower

Elevate your tabletop Orc encampments – literally! – with this meticulously designed Two-Level Orc Camp Watchtower. Scaled perfectly for 28/32mm wargames and RPGs, it transforms your Orc stronghold into a tactically challenging and visually striking centerpiece. Whether defending a hard-won territory in a Warhammer skirmish or keeping lookout for encroaching adventurers during a D&D campaign, this watchtower adds strategic depth and narrative potential.

Features That Fuel Victory & Storytelling:

  • Eyes on the Battlefield: Two levels mean superior sightlines. Position Orc archers for devastating ambushes, have your chieftain bark orders from above, or use it as a desperate vantage point against encroaching foes.
  • Built-in Ladder: No flimsy add-ons! The ladder lets miniatures move smoothly between levels mid-battle, adding dynamic realism and tactical choices. Picture a desperate retreat to the top, or a stealthy climb under the cover of night…
  • Stackable for Easy Setup: Three sections assemble in seconds, letting you focus on the game, not complex builds. Need a shorter watchtower for a specific scenario? It adapts to your needs!
  • Ready for Your Clan’s Mark: Arriving unpainted in gray PLA, it’s your canvas. Match the rugged wood tones of your existing Orc terrain, or give it a menacing, weather-beaten look worthy of those guarding your borders.
  • Durable for Epic Campaigns: With sturdy construction, this watchtower will dominate battlefields for countless sessions – even against the clumsiest of Orcish guards!

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 150 mm



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