Generator – Sci-Fi Scatter Terrain 28mm Scale

Perfect for Warhammer 40k terrain,  Star wars legion scenery.


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In stock


📃 Galactic Power Generator. This galactic power generator is a versatile and reliable machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity for various purposes. Whether you need to power a small outpost on a remote planet, a massive starship, or a military defence system, this generator can handle it all.

This generator features a single piece design that is easy to install and maintain. It has a durable and sleek metal casing that protects the internal components from damage and corrosion. The generator also has a built-in cooling system that prevents overheating and ensures optimal performance.

Due to their size, these generators make great 28mm Sci Fi scatter terrain cover for troops in combat situations. They can provide cover from enemy fire and also serve as a power source for weapons and equipment. They look great when there are a few of them lined up or in grids of four, creating a futuristic and industrial aesthetic.

Overall Size – 138 x 152 x 70mm

Comes unpainted, but can be customized with your own colors and decals.

Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of having a galactic power generator at your disposal!

🔬 It’s printed with PLA which is one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market today. Derived from crops such as corn and sugarcane, PLA is renewable and most importantly biodegradable and not toxic. Items printed with it are durable and strong.

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