Orc Big House | 28/32mm Unpainted Terrain | D&D, Warhammer, Orc Strongholds

Bring the untamed spirit of Orcish life to your tabletop! Designed meticulously for 28/32mm wargames and RPGs, this 4-piece Orc Camp Set transforms your battlefields and campaign maps into gritty enclaves worthy of a fearsome horde. Imagine the clashes outside the battle-scarred cabin, strategizing beneath the imposing banner, or your greenskinned heroes grunting tales around the crackling campfire… with this unpainted set, those iconic scenes become vividly real.


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In stock


Claim the Heart of Your Orc Encampment with the Commanding Big House

Transform your tabletop into the heart of a thriving Orc settlement with this impressive Ork Big House. Scaled flawlessly for 28/32mm wargames and RPGs alike, its spacious interior and distinctive design make it not just terrain, but a centerpiece around which battles unfold and stories are born. Whether a warlord’s command center in a Warhammer skirmish or the site of shadowy Orcish plots in your D&D campaign, it anchors your Orcish forces visually and narratively.

Features to Inspire Your Inner Warchief:

  • Authentically Orcish: Imagine crude timbers, roughly thatched roofing, and perhaps trophies of past victories adorning its exterior. It doesn’t just occupy space – it speaks volumes about your Orc force’s brutal nature.
  • More Than Just Walls: Designed with ample interior space, it’s made for gameplay, not just display. Fit a brawling mob of Orcs plotting their next raid, wounded warriors taking shelter… those moments are what make it memorable.
  • Your Warband’s Pride: Arriving unpainted, this Big House is your canvas. Channel your clan’s colors, warpaint-inspired designs, or the grimy, weathered look of a hardened stronghold – your brushwork makes the difference.
  • Built for the Battlefield: Sturdy PLA ensures it withstands even the most enthusiastic dice rolls and miniature brawls. This isn’t flimsy scenery – it’s the stage for countless victories.

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Weight 460 g
Dimensions 240 × 180 × 160 mm



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