Elevate Your Setup: The Art Deco Switch Dock with Soaring Wings

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Discerning gamers, rejoice! The Art Deco Switch Dock elevates your setup beyond mere functionality. Inspired by the roaring twenties, this dock boasts majestic, moving wings that activate when docked, adding a touch of theatrical flair. But fear not, functionality reigns supreme! Your Switch rests securely while you access a USB port and manage cables neatly. This isn’t just a dock; it’s a work of art that transforms your gaming space into a haven of vintage elegance and playful movement. Embrace the Art Deco movement and take your gaming to the next level!


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Calling all discerning gamers and lovers of unique style! Prepare to elevate your gaming space with the Art Deco Switch Dock, a revolutionary docking station that transcends mere functionality. Inspired by the elegant lines and geometric flair of the Art Deco movement, this dock isn’t just a place to rest your console – it’s a statement piece that injects a touch of sophistication and playful movement into your gaming experience.

A Dock That Soars: Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of your docked Switch. Two sleek, intricately detailed wings rise majestically on either side, reminiscent of a majestic bird taking flight. This isn’t just a visual treat – it’s an interactive one! Every time you dock your console, the wings activate, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement that elevates the simple act of docking into a theatrical experience.

Beyond Aesthetics: While the Art Deco Switch Dock stuns visually, it’s far more than just a pretty face. This innovative design prioritizes both functionality and stability.

A Gamer’s Haven: Imagine the transformation of your gaming room. The Art Deco Switch Dock becomes the centerpiece, drawing admiring glances and sparking conversations about your impeccable taste. It seamlessly blends with your existing décor, adding a touch of vintage elegance and playful movement. Forget bulky, generic docks – this is a work of art designed to seamlessly integrate into your gaming haven.

Functionality Meets Flair: The Art Deco Switch Dock doesn’t compromise on functionality for style. You can still access one USB port for charging additional devices, and there’s even space at the back for neatly arranged cables, ensuring a clean and organized setup. This is a dock that truly has it all – stunning aesthetics, exceptional stability, and thoughtful design features.

Licensed seller of Holoprops designs: SIA 3D Factory

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