Gloomhaven accessories

If you are looking for a way to enhance your Gloomhaven experience, you might want to consider getting some accessories for this amazing game. Gloomhaven is a massive and immersive dungeon-crawler that offers hours of fun and challenge. But it also comes with a lot of components, cards, tokens and tiles that can be hard to manage and organize. That’s why some clever and creative fans have designed and produced various accessories and upgrades that can make your Gloomhaven sessions more enjoyable and convenient.

Here are some examples of Gloomhaven accessories that you can find online or make yourself.

Storage insert organizers: These are custom-made boxes or trays that fit inside the Gloomhaven box and help you sort and store all the components in an orderly way. They can reduce the setup and cleanup time significantly, as well as protect your components from wear and tear. You can also use Plano boxes or other plastic containers for a cheaper alternative.

– Card sleeve protectors: These are transparent plastic sleeves that cover your cards and shield them from dirt, grease, spills and damage. They can also make shuffling easier and smoother. Gloomhaven has a lot of cards of different sizes, so you will need to get sleeves that match them. You can find official Gloomhaven card sleeves from Sinister Fish Games, or use other brands like Mayday Games, Fantasy Flight Games or Swan Panasia.

Player organizer / dashboard: These are wooden or plastic boards that hold your character cards, items, tokens and trackers in place. They can help you organize your personal space on the table, as well as keep track of your health, experience, status effects and secret goals. Some player organizers also have card trays or holders that allow you to see your hand of cards better. You can find various designs and styles of player organizers on Etsy, Amazon or other online platforms.

Health and experience tracker: These are alternative ways to track your health and experience points during the game. The original trackers in Gloomhaven are prone to being bumped or moved accidentally, which can mess up your progress. Some health and experience trackers use dials, sliders, magnets or dice to show your current values more clearly and securely. You can also use apps or websites that have digital trackers for Gloomhaven.

Enhanced monster standees: These are 3D printed bases or stands that replace the original plastic stands for the monster cardboard cutouts. They can make the monsters look more realistic and menacing, as well as indicate their facing direction, status effects and damage taken. Some enhanced monster standees also have slots for the monster stat cards or sleeves for the monster ability cards. You can find these accessories on Etsy, Thingiverse or other 3D printing platforms.

These are just some of the many Gloomhaven accessories that you can get or make to improve your gaming experience. Of course, you don’t need any of these to enjoy Gloomhaven, but they can certainly add some flair and convenience to your adventures. If you are interested in getting some of these accessories, you can check out the links below for more information and reviews.

Gloomhaven accessories