Orbital Outpost Walkways Extended Starter Set 28mm

Perfect for Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion and Infinity.


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In stock


📃 This walkways set is part of the Outpost: Origins range and contains pieces for you to build huge structures for your base. All walkways are based on a 1 inch grid. Great as a quick start to your next sci-fi dungeon crawl.

These walkway components are designed to allow for unlimited build combinations each time you set up your gaming table.


2 x Walkway A 2×1 End
2 x Walkway A 2×1
2 x Walkway A 2×2
2 x Walkway A 2×3
3 x Walkway A 2×4
4 x Walkway A 2×5
5 x Walkway Armour Large
5 x Walkway Armour Small
1 x Walkway JL 3×3
1 x Walkway JO 6×6
1 x Walkway JT 4×3
1 x Walkway JX 4×4
1 x Walkway JY 4×4
25 x Walkwar Riser
2 x Walkway Stairs 1×4
2 x Walkway Stairs 2×4
2 x Walkway Stairs Railing L
2 x Walkway Stairs Railing R
60 x Clips D

This set comes unpainted.

🔬 It’s printed with PLA which is one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market today. Derived from crops such as corn and sugarcane, PLA is renewable and most importantly biodegradable and not toxic. Items printed with it are durable and strong.

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