Mystical Terrain: Elven Rock Circle and Tree Stumps for 28mm Gaming

Venture into realms where battles echo through time and magic lingers within shattered stone. This meticulously crafted set of three ancient fantasy ruins is your gateway to immersive RPG landscapes and wargame battlefields steeped in wonder and the weight of ages past. Each fallen archway, moss-covered pillar, and toppled monument awakens within you a storyteller’s spark, inviting epics on your favorite 28/32mm scale tabletop.


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In stock


Journey into the depths of an ancient enchanted forest with the Mystical Terrain. This captivating 6-piece set immerses you in a verdant realm of towering trees and enigmatic rock formations.

Carved Rock Circle:

  • Four distinct rock wall sections, each 13 centimeters long, form a mystical circle.
  • Intricately carved faces adorn the entrance rocks, evoking a sense of ancient spirits and primal power.
  • The customizable design allows you to arrange the rocks in various configurations, fostering imaginative gameplay.

Tree Stumps Watchposts:

  • Two massive tree stumps soar above the rock circle, providing elevated platforms for your miniatures.
  • Each stump measures approximately 15x18x12 centimeters, offering ample space for your heroes to survey the surroundings.
  • Their gnarled bark and leafy foliage add an element of realism and depth to your tabletops.

Effortless Assembly:

  • The modular design eliminates the need for clips, allowing for quick and effortless assembly.
  • Freely arrange the pieces to create a dynamic and organic forest landscape.

Customization and Creativity:

  • The unpainted gray finish offers a blank canvas for your artistic vision.
  • Bring the magical forest to life with your preferred paints and embellishments, adding a personal touch to your tabletop adventures.

Versatile Gaming Environment:

  • Scale perfectly for 28mm/32mm miniatures, making it an ideal terrain set for tabletop RPGs, wargames, and fantasy campaigns.
  • The comprehensive terrain pieces provide a vast and immersive environment for your players to explore and conquer.

Unleash your imagination and delve into a world of enchantment with the Mystical Terrain, where ancient mysteries and epic battles unfold.

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Weight 510 g
Dimensions 150 × 180 × 120 mm



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