Blackstone Fortress Upgrade

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Blackstone Fortress Terrain upgrade for Warhammer 40k and other wargaming. Token Edition 28mm Scale.



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In stock


📃 They returned to The Dragon’s Rest in a confused state, Recounting the events within an ever changing labyrinth of chambers. All agreed that preparations must begin to venture back and try to understand and catalog this newly discovered realm, the Trihex Citadel.

The Trihex Citadel Token Edition is Blackstone Fortress compatible and contains a set of 33 tiles, scatter terrain, token and markers all scaled to use directly on or as additions to your 62mm hexagon cardboard game tiles. Each of the pieces included in this set are individual unique sculpts.

The enclosed cover sections are specially designed to fit 1x32mm and 2x25mm based characters in at the same time.

Pictorial list of individual tokens

Please be aware that NOT all tokens in the pictorial list are included in this set. See below what’s included.


1x THexT Access Controls

1x THexT Block 001
1x THexT Block 002
1x THexT Block 003
3x THexT Block 004

1x THexT Cover 1A
1x THexT Cover 2A
1x THexT Cover 2B
1x THexT Cover 3A
1x THexT Cover 4A
1x THexT Cover 4B
1x THexT Cover 5A
1x THexT Cover 6A1
1 x THexT Cover 6A2
1 x THexT Cover 7A
1 x THexT Cover 8A1
1 x THexT Cover 8A2
1 x THexT Cover 8A3
1 x THexT Cover 8B
1 x THexT Cover 9A1
1 x THexT Cover 9A2

1 x THexT Doorway Door
1 x THexT Doorway Frame

6 x THexT Portal Open

1 x THexT Stasis Cube

1 x THext Turret

This set comes unpainted.

Let me know if you need a custom set of tokens.

🔬 It’s printed with PLA which is one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market today. Derived from crops such as corn and sugarcane, PLA is renewable and most importantly biodegradable and not toxic. Items printed with it are durable and strong.

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    Great and original stuff.
    nNeed some knife work because of the lines.

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