Necron Warriors: Rise of the Undying Metal Legions

Who are the Necron Warriors?

The Necron Warriors are the tireless infantry backbone of the Necron armies in Warhammer 40,000. Once a proud and advanced civilization known as the Necrontyr, they succumbed to a desperate bargain with ancient star gods, trading their mortal bodies for ageless robotic forms. While this granted them a form of immortality, they lost their souls and were mercilessly enslaved.

Undying Soldiers, Driven by a Lust for VengeanceNecron Warriors

  • Living Metal: Despite their seemingly fragile skeletal appearance, Necron Warriors are incredibly resilient. Their metallic bodies possess advanced self-repair capabilities, allowing them to reassemble even after taking significant damage. This is known as Reanimation Protocols.
  • Sinister Energy: The eyes and weapons of Necron Warriors radiate an unsettling green energy, a visual marker of the unnatural powers that animate them.
  • Mindless and Relentless: Stripped of free will they follow the cold commands of their overlords. This programmed obedience makes them terrifyingly efficient on the battlefield.

On the Tabletop

  • Formidable Numbers: In Warhammer 40k, Necron Warriors are relatively inexpensive in terms of army points, allowing players to field them in large numbers. This reflects their vast legions in the lore.
  • Weapons of Disintegration: Their signature gauss weapons systematically erode targets layer by layer. Players can choose between Gauss Flayers, ideal for rapid-fire bursts, or Gauss Reapers, designed for concentrated, armor-piercing shots.
  • Slow But Unstoppable: Though not particularly fast, Necron Warriors embody an indomitable advance that echoes their tireless nature in the lore.

Beyond the Basics

  • Tragic Origins: Explore the history of the Necrontyr and their devastating downfall to appreciate the unsettling tragedy inherent in the Necron Warriors.
  • Dynastic Diversity: Different Necron dynasties possess unique color schemes, personalities, and specialized units. Researching this can provide inspiration when building and painting your own Necron army.
  • Customizable Warriors: Their simple skeletal anatomy makes them superb for kitbashing and customization projects, allowing you to add your own personal flair.

Let Your Necron Legion Rise!

If the allure of a relentless, mechanized army resonates with you, the Necron Warriors are the perfect place to start. Resources like the Lexicanum or Warhammer 40,000 wiki offer deeper dives into the lore, while the Necron Codex is your essential guide to their tabletop rules and units.