Kill Team: Into the Dark – A Comprehensive Look at the Newest Boxed Set

Kill Team: Into the Dark – A Deep Dive into the Gallowdark’s Claustrophobic Combat

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team plunges headfirst into the shadowy confines of a monstrous space hulk with its newest boxed set, Kill Team: Into the Dark. Prepare for a visceral and dynamic narrative experience intertwined with the tactical thrill of small-unit skirmish warfare in the grim darkness of the far future.

The Gallowdark Beckons…

Lost to the warp for millennia, the colossal space hulk known as the Gallowdark has returned to realspace. This derelict amalgamation of ancient vessels holds vast treasures and forgotten technologies, making it an irresistible target for opportunistic factions across the galaxy. Among the first to brave its perilous interior are two elite, but very different, kill teams:

  • Imperial Navy Breachers: The armored vanguard of the Imperium’s void-faring forces, Breachers specialize in close-quarters boarding actions. Their arsenal of breaching tools, blast shields, and brutal shotguns make them experts in clearing confined spaces. For the Imperium, it is imperative to reclaim the Gallowdark.
  • Kroot Farstalker Kinband: Xeno mercenaries operating on the fringes of galactic society, Farstalker Kinbands prize efficiency and ambush tactics. With their long rifles and lethal ambush techniques, these avian warriors stalk their prey in the dark, hoping to profit from the Gallowdark’s secrets.

What Lies Within the Box

This isn’t simply a launch box – Kill Team: Into the Dark sets the stage for a whole new era of close-quarters Kill Team warfare. Inside, you’ll discover everything needed for countless hours of exhilarating skirmishes:

  • Intricate Terrain: Build multi-level claustrophobic killzones with detailed, modular pieces representing the space hulk’s interior. This glueless terrain features walls, doors, hatches, terminals, and other obstacles, allowing endless layout configurations.
  • Narrative Rulebook: Delve into the story of the Gallowdark, and learn the new rules for fighting amongst the close confines of this space hulk. Expect emphasis on verticality, darkness, and close-quarters combat tactics.
  • Complete Kill Teams: Assemble and field either the Imperial Navy Breachers or the Kroot Farstalker Kinband. These beautifully detailed push-fit miniatures come with a wide array of weapon and equipment options.
  • Game Essentials: All the tools you need to play Kill Team: a double-sided game board, dice, combat gauges, tokens, and Tac Ops cards.

The Future of the Gallowdark

Into the Dark is just the beginning. Anticipate additional Kill Team releases offering deeper, unique experiences within the space hulk setting. Expect dedicated books to fully optimize and build out your Breachers and Kroot teams, with expanded equipment lists and strategic options. Look forward to additional Gallowdark terrain configurations, creating the potential for vast, interconnected battlefields for even larger engagements.

Experience the Thrill of Kill Team Like Never Before

Kill Team: Into the Dark offers an exceptional introduction to Warhammer 40,000 skirmish combat. The narrative draws you in, the dynamic miniatures ignite your imagination, and the focused, tactical gameplay keeps every match suspenseful. Whether you’re a Kill Team veteran or stepping into the 41st Millennium for the first time, Into the Dark is a perfect platform to embark on a tense and unforgettable gaming journey.