Resin 28mm Miniature Elemental Champions Set

Wargaming Miniatures from Daring Delvers Series.


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📃 Introducing Elemental Champions from Daring Delvers series. Miniatures appropriate for any fantasy tabletop game!

These designs are scaled for standard miniature gaming (compatible in size with Reaper, Games Workshop, et cetera).

This set includes 4 miniatures:
1 x Gnome Stonespeaker
1 x Salamander Emberbow
1 x Sylph Sky Mage
1 x Undine Riverblade

This set comes unpainted and without bases.

🔬 The model (-s) will come unpainted, but fully cleaned from supports and UV cured, ready for you to prime and paint! Please bear in mind that resin is delicate material so try to avoid dropping your minis! We can’t take responsibility for damages once your item has arrived.

©️ Model is provided to us by Ill Gotten Games as an officially licensed seller. Please visit for the source files. We are capable of printing ALL of the Ill Gotten Games designed models, please contact us for requests of any of the designs and we will add the product for you!

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