Marsh Giants Resin Miniature

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“Hideously ugly, marsh giants dwell in the most desolate of swamps—preferably those that share a sodden border with the sea. Marsh giants typically use a hooked club called a gaff (wielded in both hands) in combat—treat these weapons as flails, save that they do piercing damage. Marsh giants are hateful thugs bound together by a common zealotry. Powerful opponents and beasts are the most prized of meals, though many marsh giants are also cannibals—they often attack fellow tribe members just to gorge on a particularly fearsome or delicious-looking relative.”

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📃 Marsh giants trace their lineage back to their progenitors who committed some unforgivable sin and were banished from their ancestral home to the dank misery of the marshland where they eke out a meager existence to this day. Marsh giants are small by giant standards, standing only eleven feet in height, on average. These swamp-dwelling giants appear squat yet bulky, with particularly repulsive faces which all seem too flat, apart from their eyes, which bulge out of their skulls grotesquely.

Photo of painted mini is only an example, models come unpainted.

🔬About the material:
We use high-quality resin made from the best materials which produce incredibly accurate prints, it excels above other processes in overall quality, detail, and surface finish.

The finished print is a solid color part with a beautiful semi-matte surface with excellent details.

📦 The model will come cleaned and UV cured, ready for you to prime and paint! Please bear in mind that resin is delicate material so try to avoid dropping your minis!

©️ Model is provided to us by Duncan Shadow Louca as an officially licensed seller. Please visit for the source files. We are capable of printing ALL of the Duncan Shadow Louca designed models, please contact us for requests of any of the designs and we will add the product for you!

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75mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm


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