Bugbears with Halberds


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Resin printed miniature (-s) for your board game adventures.

©️ Designed by Duncan’ Shadow’ Louca. The design’s source files available here https://www.duncanshadow.com/product-page/.
You can also support the artist by becoming a member on Patron https://www.patreon.com/Duncan_shadow.

⚖ Size options
TINY: 0.75 inches base (~19 mm); Your miniature will be approx 22 mm tall
SMALL: 1 inch base (~25 mm); Your miniature will be approx 28 mm tall
MEDIUM: 2inches base (~50 mm); Your miniature will be approx 53 mm tall
HUGE: 3 inches base (~76 mm); Your miniature will be approx 79 mm tall
GARGANTUAN: 4 inches base (~101 mm); Your miniature will be approx 104 mm tall

💡 Note! For the minis that cannot be printed in one piece (mostly huge and gargantuan size miniatures), they will be printed in parts and will come unassembled.
💡 If you need any additional info regarding size, please contact me prior you place an order.
💡 Also, if you prefer a different size from what you see here, please let me know. I am sure we can print a smaller/bigger miniature, depending on what you need.

🤺 How do our miniatures look?
All miniatures are printed light grey color. We clean each miniature before we send it out to make sure you can use it for your next session. Yet you might notice some signs of removed supports (from the printing process) that can be easily removed with a hobby knife or clippers.
We always prefer the figurines to be printed in one piece, however, if it is not possible, the item will be shipped unassembled, in multiple parts.

📯 Shipping
We print and ship the items as soon as possible. Yet, please note shipping time varies from country to country and can take from a few business days up to a month. Sometimes shipping times might be longer due to holidays such as Christmas.

💡 Suggestion from my side
At the checkout, select option shipping with a tracking number. We will give you one once the parcel with your goods is sent out. So you will know where exactly your miniatures are.


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