Beholder Eye Horror Resin Miniature

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“A beholder, sometimes called a sphere of many eyes or an eye tyrant, is a large aberration normally found in the Underdark. These large, orb-shaped beings have ten eyestalks and one central eye, each containing powerful magic. Powerful and intelligent, beholders are among the greatest threats to the world.”

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📃 Eye Terror regards itself as the pinnacle of being, regarding all creatures unlike itself as vermin worthy only of destruction.

Sizing with the base:

Medium: 35 x 30 x 40mm
Large: 50 x 40 x 60mm
Huge: 70 x 60 x 80mm

🔬About the material:
We use high-quality resin made from the best materials which produce incredibly accurate prints, it excels above other processes in overall quality, detail, and surface finish.

The finished print is a solid color part with a beautiful semi-matte surface with excellent details.

📦 The model will come cleaned and UV cured, ready for you to prime and paint! Please bear in mind that resin is delicate material so try to avoid dropping your minis!

©️ Model is provided to us by Duncan Shadow Louca as an officially licensed seller. Please visit for the source files. We are capable of printing ALL of the Duncan Shadow Louca designed models, please contact us for requests of any of the designs and we will add the product for you!

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Medium, Large, Huge

4 reviews for Beholder Eye Horror Resin Miniature

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  1. Aurelie

    Beautifull! It came pretty fast. The material is orange, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you mean on painting the mini ^^! One happy customer here!

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  2. Mike

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  3. Jeanette

    Nice and detailed. Enjoy painting. Very pleased.

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  4. john

    Very nice detail. You can arrange the eyes however you want. Base could be a little bigger in diameter. Shipped promptly. Shipping time to the US is good considering shippers location. I will get more figures from the 3d vikings store.

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    Image #1 from john
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